Experience The True Taste Of Modern China

The Mandarin Chinese Restaurant - Bournemouth

At the well-known and popular Mandarin Chinese Restaurant, the centuries of traditional Chinese cuisine are superbly reflected in all its variety. The Chinese have a long and justifiably proud tradition of cuisine, using the choicest seafood, meats and fowl.

Over thousands of years the different regions of China have perfected their own differing styles of cooking techniques and cuisine specialities, each with its own distinctive flavour, mixture of herbs and spices and form of presentation.

The Mandarin Chinese Restaurant At Night - Bournemouth

The Mandarin cannot be faulted - the décor is subdued and restful, and many diners enjoy a drink at the friendly bar before their meal. The staff are efficient and helpful in explaining menu items when necessary.

Mark Luke personally ensures that the dishes are presented at your table in the most attractive fashion, and he is always pleased to recommend specialities and combinations of dishes. It's an education!